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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Not-So-Pretty aspects of Activism through the Media

Especially in recent times you really see the power of social media being taking advantage of for the use of good, well mostly. People are smart enough to know that in this generation how you reach people to hear your voice isn’t through commercials, ads in the paper and definitely now by passing out pamphlets. A recent example of activism through the media was KONY 2012, a recent attempt at mass activism that I am sure we are all aware with now. For me, when I had watched the video my heart sank and I immediately wanted to “jump on the bandwagon and help” JUST by watching that video, and by the results of it many people were in the same boat I was. Unfortunately things like this are hard to justify the good power of it. Are ALL donations given to the cause? Are they telling us the REAL and COMPLETE story? Those questions can only be found by researching the cause, which in reality most people will not take the time and do. This is why many things like KONY2012 really cause hoopla just for a moment…then eventually begin to fade. Just look at all the controversies about the KONY 2012 campaign that are leaking out into the public, people are questioning the cause, the creator had to be hospitalized for being detained, and the people in Uganda didn’t agree with the video, the very people whom they were trying to reach.
         Although there is much controversies in many activism through the media, it is important. With anything, when an attempt to do good by the mass public becomes astray, there will be people trying to nit-pick every last detail, but I truly believe that by activating through mass media is the only way to get your voice heard. Make it interesting and make it LOUD. People will listen. 

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  1. Hi Mallory

    You're right that we have to be cautious when jumping on that band wagon. Fortunately, with social media and other media frenzy, we can learn so much more about causes, people behind them, and related issues, and the information is more readily available. This has the potential to make groups more transparent, because we ARE watching. And we're more skeptical and more cautious than ever ... or at least we should be :). How can we tell if a cause is authentic and worth our energy and focus? Any tips?

    Great post
    - Jon