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Santa Cruz
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Our Lives in the Hands of the Internet.

    Gosh. Social Media. I have been studying it more and really getting into ALL the different types of social media for a good 4-5 months now...and i STILL have not even come close to be notified of a majority of them. Social media is a completely different world, and reality and people are starting to realize that it is now a new way of living. No, it WILL be the way of living. So where does it go from here? Can we REALLY come up with a newer and better phone while we have already invented a phone smarter that most beings?  Can we come up with new ways to educate ourselves, make a career, keep in touch with others? The truth is...yes we can and we most likely with quite rapidly to say. Social Media, in my mind, is kind of like the ocean. Huge, never-ending, a little unsafe, and the biggest comparison would be there is something new to discover about them 
    With something to up and coming who wouldn't want to be a part of that? Who wouldn't want to shop, do you homework, find an answer to absolutely ANYTHING with the tap of a finger? The internet is the whole world at the tip of our fingers, and we need to take advantage of it. The internet was not always accessible not to long ago a matter of fact and now I could not even imagine a world without my iPhone. 
    To stay on top of social media one has to be smart and involved. Like anything it takes a lot of practicing to be tech savvy but it is so worth it. Stay on top of the peaks and pits of the Web and like life itself being able to take on the world takes skill, and survival of our surroundings. And the Internet has us wrapped up in the power of the web, we must not be foolish and let it take over and most importantly we must control it. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Being Lost in Technology

    My blog has been about me exploring just how much social media, it present in all of our lives today, especially my generation. The iGeneration's world seems to revolve around the Internet, for example is it sad that I don't know at least ONE friend that does not go on some sort of social media site every single day? I know for sure I am guilty, if I spend as much time on my homework as I did Facebook, I would have been already graduated with a Masters Degree by now, like I said sad. I know I'm not proud of it but unfortunately it's true as it is for most of my age group. But what about the people who ARE NOT tech savvy? My thought on such a person would be to consider them with social problems of some sort, but is that the case? Is not being integrated with the addictive poison of the internet make a person less intergrated with the world? I say yes, but I would like to hear other opinions! 
     The lack of access or interests in social media tools can really cause a person to not be up to date in the world. Not just Facebook or Twiiter, because yes even I could agree that a person could I GUESS live without either, even though its a concept I could see myself grasping, ever. But the daily news, just the way of working new technology is important in not falling behind. A good example of this is look at a majority of grandparents today. Mine never know what in the world is going for the most part. Although i rant about how being one with technology and being persistent with it is essential for great success it is not the only way, people are going to success with their brain with or without technology, but for the majority, learning the basics around the WEB couldn't hurt.