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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Relationships on the Web

      Growing up in the age of new and improved technology, I could not get away from social media even if I wanted to. It's how people interact, meet, communicate and so much more. I personally use the most popular social network of this age, Facebook. As well as every single one of my friends, we have all transitioned to Facebook from the now very old Myspace. It is truly certain that social networks can build or destroy a relationship or friendship. Facebook in all is a good thing I personally think. It's the way people can stay in touch by pictures, status updates and e-mails, but with any good thing there are complications. With social media being all the rage, it is the norm or "cool" thing to own which means most people have them including younger kids. With my personal experience I have noticed people base their lives on what happens on Facebook. A comment can destroy a friendship these days and it is truly ridiculous! Social media can grow to a more useful tool the more people take advantage of it and it is what you make of it.
            With the Web these days, you honestly don’t know what you’re going to get. Many things are made up, very biased and just plain inaccurate to say at the least. The thing with the web these days is, it’s every question you have…at the tip of your fingertips and it’s fast. People now a days seem to choose time over anything in their busy lives, but the defect in the very fast internet, which will always more than never give you and answer, is it has been tampered with many different people making the information incorrect. I have been with Wikipedea for more than half of my life as well as many other sites just like it. Facebook and Twitter also give mass information to the public, and many people, including myself, trust the information to be true. Personally being a college student in a world full of technology I really do feel user generated content is a positive things. Out of all the mass amount of different typed of social media and user-generated sites out there, it’s a great way to communicate and keep in touch with friends, family, colleges, and professors as well as get the daily news, but not rely on these sites to be the ONLY form of information. 

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  1. Hi Mallory

    Great post. It can definitely be hard to avoid getting involved in social media today. So many of our interactions involve social media in some way. What do you think about levels of participation. Do you think the amount of use (i.e. someone who logs in to Facebook daily vs. monthly) impacts their online relationships? How much of our traditional communication do we move online? How do we choose? Just a few things to think about as you continue to blog.